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Use a Virtual Office? Enter to Win an Essay Contest.

If you enjoy raffles, sweepstakes and contests—and if you telecommute, use a virtual office, or participate in some other type of alternative workplace strategy your company has launched, you can enter to win valuable prizes.

Actually, even if you don’t telecommute, use a virtual office, or participate in some other type of alternative workplace strategy, you can still enter to win. All you have to do is dream a little.

Think about your answer to this question: What would a flexible job mean for you? Put another way, ask yourself this: What would a work/life balance job mean to you? After you’ve given it some thought, write an essay that answers that question and you could win $500 in cash to spend on whatever you want.

FlexJobs, a Web site for finding part-time, telecommuting, freelance and other flexible work, is offering three cash prizes for the best essays that answer the question. First prize takes home $500. Second place gets $250. And third place gets $100.

Davinci Virtual Gives Away Another iPad to Virtual Office User

And the winner of the iPad is… Henry Oswoski.

Oswoski won a new Apple iPad in Davinci Virtual’s August iPad sweepstakes. It’s the perfect compliment to his virtual office space—and a perfect holiday gift. Even with all the talk about the the HP TouchPad’s $99 fire sale, the iPad just keeps getting hotter.

Road warriors, mobile workers and others are still snapping up the iPad in droves. No other tablet computer even comes close to the glory of Steve Jobs’ iPad.  If you didn’t win in the earlier rounds of Davinci Virtual’s iPad sweepstakes, don’t worry. Davinci Virtual is giving another lucky person the opportunity to win one of the tablet devices for free in its next iPad sweepstakes.

Davinci Virtual is giving away another iPad and the drawing is Nov. 1, 2011.

Davinci Virtual Offers Final Clue in Treasure Hunt Contest

So if you’ve been on the treasure hunt with us, you’ve been hot on our social media trail for the past couple of weeks. Now, we’re offering you the final clue in the Davinci Virtual Code contest.

If you win, you will get a full year of Davinci Virtual’s suite of services, including virtual office space, live receptionist services, meeting room space and more–for free. Yes, free. That’s quite the prize for an entrepreneur like you.

We launched this contest the first week in August, inviting you to find clues scattered across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. When you find the clues, you can unlock your ticket to potential winnings.

You can find the final clue on Davinci Virtual’s YouTube Channel. I’ve also posted the video below. It’s fun! It’s cool! It’s got the final scavenger item you need to unlock your potential winnings. Launches $250,000 Sweepstakes

You know me. I love a good small business sweepstakes when I see them. Hey, anything that can stimulate the small business world is a plus. After all, small businesses are the main driver of the economy.

So when I found out that the had hooked up with some of the Web’s most trusted brands to offer small business owners a boost, I didn’t waste any time sharing it with you. Read on… has launched what it is calling the Economic Stimulus Sweepstakes. The organization is offering a whopping $250,000 grand prize to help transform one lucky small business winner from top to bottom.

Just think of what you could do with $250,000!

“Small businesses need help now more than ever,” says David Bayer, CEO of “The economy is unstable and it often feels that nobody’s really looking out for the small firms and entrepreneurs that represent the backbone of this country.”

Entrepreneur Day Fosters Startup Collaborations

If you are looking for a helping hand to pull yourself up by the bootstraps, you may get lucky on Entrepreneur Day.

Intuit is holding its third annual Entrepreneur Day to collaborate with startups and innovators in the quest to launch the next “big idea” in technology.

That could be mobile apps or cloud computing or data analytics or some other cutting-edge tech. The only catch is that it needs to improve the financial lives of Intuit customers.

“Technology moves fast, and through Entrepreneur Day our Intuit leaders and the entrepreneurs on the front line of emerging technologies will begin to work together to bring something new to market that’s meaningful for our customers,” says Tayloe Stansbury, Chief Technology Officer at Intuit. “As we open up our innovation processes, the entrepreneurs who participate can benefit from us introducing them to our large ecosystem of partners, suppliers and customers.”

Davinci Virtual Launches Treasure Hunt Contest

Here’s a contest that’s near and dear to my heart… That’s because Davinci Virtual is the one launching it–and because I love a good social media scavenger hunt.

Dubbed the Davinci Virtual Code, we’re running a special contest. One lucky winner will receive a full year of Davinci Virtual’s suite of services, including virtual office space, live receptionist services, meeting room space and more–for free.

Beginning this week, Davinci Virtual will release a series of clues and riddles through our social pages. We’ll announce one clue each week for the next four weeks.

To enter, small business owners are invited to find the clues, then visit to type in their answer. The clues are scattered across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. When you find the clues, you can unlock your ticket to potential winnings. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Davinci Virtual’s Facebook page.

Small Business Contest Offers $15,000 in Marketing Services

You know I love a good small business contest. Heck, it’s an opportunity to win money for doing relatively little—money that could help you hire new employees or better market your business.

The latter is the idea behind Deluxe Corporation’s Project REV, a year-long marketing lab that offers small business owners in the U.S. the tools and expert resources they need to grow their businesses. Project REV will award each winning business with $15,000 in Deluxe marketing products and services and a full year’s worth of business and marketing mentorship.

Laura Radewald, vice president of enterprise brand at Deluxe hit the nail on the head when she said today’s entrepreneurs and small business owners are passionate about their businesses and not necessarily about marketing. She says, “Small business owners are often frustrated with marketing and unsure if they are doing it effectively.”

Win $50,000 Worth of Marketing for Your Small Business

Looking for a quick way to spread your small business brand far and abroad—for free?  The UPS Store is running a Facebook contest that aims to arm small business owners like you with promotional tools and resources.

Dubbed The Promotion Promotion, the contest starts today and runs through Aug. 31. The grand prize winner will get an integrated marketing campaign worth $50,000. Doner, The UPS Store network’s advertising agency of record, will work with the grand prize winner to examine the business’ needs, develop a marketing plan, produce creative and run it in appropriate media.

It’s worth entering even if you don’t win the grand prize. The UPS Store is giving away up to $3,000 worth of other prizes every week, including an Apple iPad 2 and gift cards from various retailers.

Entrepreneur Launches a New Model for Angel Investment

Looking to win $50,000? You’ve got a shot at the prize if you are technically inclined.

Starlight Technology Transfer just announced a contest for the most promising new high-tech business idea. So fire up your word processing software and start writing your proposal if you’ve got one. Or get together with your three most tech-savvy friends and start brainstorming.

Maybe you have a new idea in the realm of robotics, artificial intelligence, green technology, web technology, mission-critical smart energy grid technology, mobile applications, cloud computing, business analytics, aerospace, or something else. You’ve got between now and July 29 to come up with a bright idea and submit a proposal.

“We know what it’s like to have a great idea, but lack the resources to get it off the ground. With this prize as a beginning, our company intends to become an incubator for new American businesses,” says Starlight founder and successful entrepreneur, Jack Beavers.

Amex Contest Offers Big Break From Facebook

Does your small business need a big break? American Express Open just launched the “Facebook Big Break for Small Business.”

It’s a national contest that aims to help transform the way small businesses use Facebook to connect and engage with customers. What does that transformation look like? More authentic and more personal. Of course, it takes a little practice.

That’s why American Express OPEN is footing the bill for hands-on training at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. Five small businesses will win a two-day in-depth, one-on-one business makeover. Oh, AMEX is also offering a cool $20,000 in cash to drive your social media strategy forward.

“Small business owners are experts at customer engagement, but the tools and techniques for finding and engaging customers are quickly evolving,” says Julie Fajgenbaum, vice president of Brand and Customer Marketing at American Express OPEN. “It’s critical that business owners understand these new channels and platforms, which is why we are collaborating with Facebook to educate on the benefits of engaging customers through social media and provide real, tangible tips on how to do it effectively.”