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The Good News Is That ‘Bad News’ Can Actually Be ‘Good News’

Is it really true that learning of bad news can actually be good news? According to the most successful operators in our high-hospitality based Serviced Workspace industry, it’s absolutely true. Hearing or reading bad reviews and complaints isn’t something to shy away from, get defensive about, be traumatized over, and then sweep under the rug. A negative review is an opportunity, if we know how to handle it.

It might take an adjustment to one’s philosophical approach in order to see the full value and benefits of complaints and bad reviews; but the last thing you want to do is dismiss them, or worse yet, shoot the messenger. Don’t take what’s often a hidden gift from a reviewer and turn it into an irreversible fiasco just so that you can prove you’re right – or worse yet, that the client or reviewer is wrong.

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The connection between social media and business success

The nature of marketing has changed drastically in the past five years due to the connection between social media and business. In order to thrive, businesses must now make strategic use of as many social media channels as possible. As people spend more and more time online, spending an average of 37 minutes a day on social media alone, television and other traditional vehicles for advertising are phasing out

The most successful businesses in the world all have one thing in common: a strong social media presence. By actively and cleverly managing social media accounts with fresh content and campaigns, businesses are able to achieve the following:

Increased exposure

Maintaining multiple social media accounts can give your business increased exposure. Suddenly, through Facebook ads, social sharing, and gaining followers, new and unexpected people get to see and interact with your brand.

The 7 Challenges Of Owning A Small Law Firm Or Solo Practice [Infographic]

There are several challenges when it comes to owning a small law firm.  This graphic represents the top 7 challenges that solo practice attorneys face each day and the solutions to these issues. Learn more by visiting our blog post on the subject, “Seven Challenges Of Owning A Small Firm Or Solo Practice” or by contacting Davinci Virtual today.  

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The 7 Challenges Of Owning A Small Law Firm Or Solo Practice [Infographic] |Davinci Virtual

How To Brand Your Business In A Virtual Environment |Davinci Virtual

How To Brand Your Business In A Virtual Environment

In today’s business world, companies need a strong virtual presence if they want to stand out above their competition. The Internet has changed the way we interact, communicate and seek information. Even with a great looking website, if your business is ran out of a small office or out of your home, prospects might be turned off and be less likely to trust in your service or product. You can leverage virtual office services to better brand your business and project a professional image by keeping these five tips in mind.

Should Virtual Office Users Do Social Media While Working?

TROY, MICH.—The proliferation of social media, and in particular, the blurring of personal and professional networks is causing unease among workers, with almost 30 percent globally, now believing it is acceptable to use social media for personal use while at work. But how does that apply to virtual office workers?

First, let’s look at the big picture. Workers express serious reservations about the spread of social media into work. Forty-three percent agree that it impacts adversely on productivity while 47 percent also express concern that mixing personal and professional connections through social media could lead to problems in the workplace. So says the latest survey results from the Kelly Global Workforce Index.

Here are some additional findings from the survey:

  • 24% say it’s acceptable to share opinions about work with friends and colleagues on social media.
  • 12% have been told to stop using social media at work.

Get Virtual Office Empowerment in 2012

NEW YORK–Looking for the best deals on high-quality virtual office space? You could be missing out on virtual office bargains at prestigious virtual office locations New York, Los Angeles, Miami and other cities near you—if you aren’t a member of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions’ Facebook page.

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Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has an active Facebook page that keeps you up to date on all the latest virtual office trends, coolest virtual office locations, and other relevant issues, like telecommuting, workshifting, distributed workforce, mobile and remote workers, and the list goes on.

A leader in smart offices, Davinci Virtual changes the way people work by empowering businesses with savvy, live receptionist services and sexy virtual office space. Yes, virtual office space can be sexy! Today’s business people—people like you—crave lifestyle balance and mobility without compromising financial success.

Davinci Virtual Office Rocks YouTube

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Davinci Virtual Office Solutions’ Salt Lake City headquarters is 696 miles away from the movie capital of the world—Hollywood. But just because it would take our staff more than 10 hours to drive there (without stopping) doesn’t mean we can’t bust out a little filmmaking action right here in Salt Lake City.

Don’t believe me? Well, have you checked out Davinci Virtual Office Solutions’ YouTube channel? If not, what are you waiting for? There’s a growing library of quirky videos there that point out the challenges—and solutions—of virtual office users.

Our YouTube channel also gives you a taste of our virtual office culture with our version of the Amazing Race” blind taste test. You can laugh with us as one of our employees fails to taste the difference between a mango and a banana.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Asks Three Simple Social Media Questions

Are you a fan of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions? We want to hear from you, and we’ve created a simple survey that we hope you’ll take a couple of quick minutes to answer.

You may or may not know that Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has a LinkedIn Group. It’s an open group—meaning it’s open for anyone to join—and it’s called “A Smarter Way to Work by Davinci Virtual.”

In our group, you’ll find all sorts of relevant discussions that could save you time and money. One of our most popular discussions, for example, asks the question: “If you could give a fellow entrepreneur 1 tip on how to be a successful leader, what would it be?”

We’ve also discussed concepts like telecommuting, the distributed workforce, video conferencing and collaboration tools, and other topics that are important to virtual office users and small business owners. Our LinkedIn Group even offers promotions, jobs, and a list of like-minded members that you might want to add to your network.

Protecting Your Small Business From Smartphone Malware

Are you constantly on your mobile phone? If so, you have a 30 percent chance of getting malware on your device—malicious software that could be taking money out of your small business budget.

A new report from Lookout Mobile Security found that mobile malware has increased significantly, with Android users two-and-a-half times as likely to encounter malware today than just six months ago.

And you aren’t even safe in app stores. During the first half of 2011, the number of unique apps with malware found on markets and download sites grew from 80 to 400 apps.

Lookout estimates that between a half million and one million users were affected by mobile malware in the first half of 2011 alone. What’s more, three out of 10 mobile users likely to click on an unsafe link, including malicious and phishing links, over the course of a year.

Schedulicity Offers 7 Facebook Fan Page Tips

Looking for some social media tips for your small business? Schedulicity is coming to the rescue with some strategic advice, particularly for your Facebook fan page.

So whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established small business owner still trying to make social media work for you, read on for some practical advice that will help you drive the results you need on Facebook.

1. Start Using Social Media Now

Schedulicity recommends that you don’t wait to begin using social media tools such as Facebook, blogs and Twitter. Instead, create your personal brand from the moment you consider starting a business. Having a solid online presence will allow professionals to:

  • Gain access to an audience that will read and comment on your social media content
  • Begin collecting and storing hundreds of e-mail addresses for e-mail marketing purposes
  • Listen to what’s happening professionally in communities