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Three Ways Technology Levels The Playing Field For Small Businesses

With over 23 million of them in the U.S. alone, small businesses have become big business. And technology is making them competitive with larger, more established companies.

Think about how different people work today as opposed to ten years ago. IT costs to set up a domain and server? Gone. Now you can use your smartphone to access your email, share documents, videoconference, access your calendar and much more. And with mobile and virtual solutions, small businesses can operate from anywhere in the world, professionally and efficiently.

Three Ways Technology Levels The Playing Field For Small Businesses | Davinci VirtualMobility Is A Game Changer

Next time you’re in public, look around you. Notice how many people are either using their handheld device or a tablet. Sure they could be texting a friend or playing Candy Crush, but many of them are working. Those handheld computers are allowing small business owners to not only work on the go, but do more and spend less—especially if they take advantage of the plethora of available business apps.

Seven Challenges Of Owning A Small Firm Or Solo Practice


Seven Challenges Of Owning A Small Firm Or Solo Practice | Davinci VirtualRunning your own small firm or solo law practice isn’t easy. You must constantly increase your client base, work to stay current with practices in your area and learn marketing skills — all in addition to running a business. It’s time-consuming and uncertain. But there are plenty of positives, too—like being your own boss. Fortunately, resources are available to help you meet these top seven challenges.

1. Modest Salaries

Especially in the beginning, small firms offer smaller salaries than larger firms. But the almighty dollar isn’t the driving force for many attorneys. Just like in other professions, some people put themselves through school, incur large student loans and work long hours because they love what they do and enjoy helping people. Keep this in mind when you’re working long hours to build your business.

Small Business Tips: Six Ways To Reduce Overhead Costs

Small Business Tips: Six Ways To Reduce Overhead Costs | Davinci Virtual

Here’s a daunting fact: While more than 500,000 small businesses will launch this month, just as many will fold because they can’t meet overhead costs. Sure, there are factors beyond an owner’s control, like the economy and unforeseen industry changes, but successful small businesses find ways to pinch pennies, adopt wise practices and discover new innovations that save money.

Here are six suggestions:

  1. Go paperless.

It isn’t just for bank statements anymore.  Paperless options are enhancing how people run their business. For example:

  • If contracts are part of your business, companies like Docusign have e-signing services that make documents easy to complete from thousands of miles away, saving time and shipping costs.
  • Need to get hardcopy documents into your employees’, partners’ and client’s hands? Professional scanning companies can turn around large volume of documents in one day by converting them into CD-ROMS, DVDs or simple emails and integrating them with any software system you choose.

Virtual Offices Make Doing Business in Austin Affordable!

DVO_week13_1I had an acquaintance who moved to Austin thinking he would spend less on living and business costs than he was in L.A. He’d crunched all the numbers and everything seemed cool. But after a few years, Austin started to become a boom town and guess what? The prices boomed too!

That was good for possibly turning over his home – except that the market kind of tanked. His lease ended and he couldn’t find anywhere to cost effectively run his business.


But he still had clients there and really needed to make it work. Just about the time he was considering pulling out entirely – he found out about virtual offices. For around $75 a month, he got an even better address than the one he had.  His clients still have access to him whenever they need to. For those times, he rents a space for around $35 an hour.

VIDEO: How an Auto-Receptionist Can Enhance Your Virtual Office

LOS ANGELES—Are you losing business by missing calls? Do you need an all-in-one solution for conference calling, call forwarding and online faxing? Davinci Virtual has you covered with virtual office solutions that help you present a professional image no matter where you are.

Davinci Virtual has produced a YouTube video that makes it easy to understand what our Auto-Receptionist solutions have to offer.

“Never be out of touch. Whether you are a start up business, a corporate executive or simply a person on the go, Davinci’s Auto-Receptionist puts you in control of all your communication needs,” the video offers.

“Our full-featured communications tool answers your calls with a professionally recorded greeting, and then routes them to you wherever you are to fit your personal schedule.”

To make it simple, we include all of the following features at no extra cost:

  • Toll-free or local telephone number

VIDEO: Does Your Virtual Office Have a Virtual Receptionist?

LOS ANGELES—First impressions count. That is why thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals around the world trust Davinci Virtual Office Solutions to be the voice of their business.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions’ friendly, live dedicated virtual receptionists who work in groups of small teams are all well-educated, based in the U.S., and specifically trained on your business, your services and all of your custom needs. It’s the perfect complement to virtual office space.

The affordable live receptionist service provides you with:

A toll-free and local telephone number that you can start using immediately
Of course, we can also work with your existing number
Fax-to-e-mail to simplify your communications
Live answering and call forwarding to an unlimited number of people at no extra charge so you never miss another opportunity
Real-time messaging—get real-time notifications via e-mail, text or call so you are never out of touch

Virtual Receptionists Eliminate Sick Days Debate

New research from the National Opinion Research Center and the University of Chicago reveals 16 percent of respondents have lost a jobs because they had to take time off work to deal with a sick family member—or their own illness.

Three in four respondents say paid sick days are a basic worker’s right, and 75 percent favor a law that guarantees paid sick days for all workers, and most support pro-rated paid sick days for part-time workers. What’s more, 86 percent back a plan that would require a minimum of seven paid sick days per year, and 33 percent say smaller employers should provide the same number of paid sick days as larger employers.

Congress is considering the Healthy Families Act, which would allow workers at businesses with 15 or more employees to earn up to seven paid sick days annually. The good news for your small business is that when you work with virtual receptionists, you don’t have to worry about sick days—and you also don’t have to worry about lost productivity or covering the phones because your receptionist is out sick.

Leading Virtual Office Provider Hiring Receptionists

Every thought about working at Davinci Virtual? There are job openings at the leading virtual office provider for the taking—and you can apply online—if you live in Salt Lake City.

Indeed, Davinci Virtual is hiring live receptionists and customer service agents at its Salt Lake City headquarters as the company continues its growth streak.

Virtual Receptionist Responsibilities
If you would like to work as a virtual receptionist who answers calls from Davinci’s live virtual receptionist clients, schedules appointments and forwards calls accurately and efficiently, you can click here.

Davinci Virtual receptionists also supervise the call through to clients, process orders, make outbound customer service calls for clients, do administrative work, and work to understand products, prices and best practices of client companies.

Customer Service Agent Responsibilities
Davinci Virtual customer service agents are responsible for client set ups, client surveys, client welcomes, proactive client communication and internal communication. Customer service agents also handle partner center relations, conference room booking, and billing questions, among other issues.

Davinci Virtual Mentioned in SmartPlanet Article

I’ve been seeing more and more articles in the past 12 months about virtual offices, virtual receptionists and virtual assistants – and Davinci Virtual has been the centerpiece of many of them.

Davinci Virtual is making headlines again as part of the trend toward virtual receptionists. highlights Davinci Virtual in an article entitled, “Virtual receptionists replacing the real thing.”

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Clearly a victim of tough economic times and improved phone forwarding and answering technology, receptionists have succumbed to the virtual world. In the flesh, they are hard to find. And so are numbers that attest to their dwindling ranks. Let’s face it, working as a receptionist is usually low-paying and stressful during busy times. But the phone still needs answering so filling in the gap are “virtual receptionists” in the form of Internet-based software.  While the human interaction is lost, virtual receptionists have some features live ones do not. When was the last time a real receptionist texted you about an important call? Or worked 24/7 (there’s labor laws against that)? A virtual receptionist works for peanuts and doesn’t demand benefits.”

How to Get More from Your Virtual Receptionist

Small business often feel like they are in a proverbial Catch-22. They don’t have quite enough call volume to justify hiring a virtual receptionist but they have too much to keep up with the hourly interruptions of incoming calls.

What’s a small business owner to do? Get a new perspective.

There are clearly ‘limiting beliefs’ around virtual receptionists. (The name of the service probably has something to do with it.) While many entrepreneurs would enjoy having a more professional phone presence for their business, they don’t always see the ROI because they don’t see the bigger picture.

The bigger picture looks like this: Virtual receptionists can do more than answer phones, if you need them to. In fact, virtual receptionists can handle a number of administrative tasks for your small business. For example, a virtual receptionist can handle customer service inquiries, take product orders, making sales calls and much more.