Taking Your Business to New Heights in Hong Kong

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hong-kong2-webVenturing into the fast-paced business environment of Hong Kong is both thrilling and a bit nerve-wracking. From the city’s breathtaking skyline to its crowded sidewalks and boisterous canteens, Hong Kong is a city overwhelming to the senses at every turn. Once the first wave of culture shock has washed over you, however, the exhilaration of doing business in Hong Kong takes hold. When your business interests bring you to one of the world’s leading financial hubs, you know you’ve arrived.

Whether you’re headed to Hong Kong to raise capital or to expand your brand in a new market, opportunities abound in this supercharged city. The city known as one of the Four Asian Tigers roars with excitement and prospects for a bright financial future. Around 22 percent of the world’s IPO capital is raised here, and more corporations are headquartered in Hong Kong than in almost any city in Asia. Competing with seven million people for your share of the city’s 263 billion GDP won’t be easy, but you’re determined to toss your hat into the economic ring.

To help ensure your success, take advantage of every savvy strategy available to you. Your first step is to overcome one of the city’s greatest obstacles: exorbitantly high rents. More than 1,200 skyscrapers crowd Hong Kong’s skyline and more structures are added to the concrete jungle every year. The lack of land space in this vertical city drives rents sky high.

Davinci virtual office solutions can help you establish a presence in Hong Kong without committing to long leases and expensive rentals. Through Davinci, you can rent an address in the city’s most prestigious business neighborhoods while continuing to run your company from another location. All correspondence directed to the address will be forwarded to wherever you like. With Davinci virtual office solutions on your side, your company’s reputation can soar as high as a Hong Kong skyscraper.

Five Simple Green Business Strategies for 2014

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green-webAre you looking for ways to turn your business green in 2014? You may be surprised to learn what’s good for the planet can also be good for your business. Are you ready to be socially responsible and business savvy? We want to help you seize your golden opportunity to create a green strategy. Here are five simple and painless ways to make your business plan a little friendlier to the planet:

Go Paperless 

Countless sheets of paper are wasted when employees print emails or internal documents. Important emails and documents could easily be archived in a virtual capacity. It may be advisable to have your information technology department coach employees on how to properly store documents and files for easy access.

Go Virtual

Allowing your employees to work remotely from home is one of the best ways to reduce pollution. This plan of action will eliminate the waste and high cost associated with supplying water, electricity, and furniture to a physical office space. This strategy will also help to eliminate the high amounts of fuel your employees would use to commute to work.

Ditch Desktop Computers

Laptop computers use a fraction of the energy consumed by desktop machines. Any new equipment upgrades should favor laptops and laser printers over bulky desktop styles. It’s important to think twice before attempting to dispose of any old machines or equipment, however. Be sure to consult a recycling agency that handles the disposal of electronic goods. You may also be able to sell old equipment to other businesses.

Seek Green Vendors

Many office supply companies offer green solutions to their clients. Be sure to ask your representative about any green alternatives offered by the company you use to purchase paper goods, printing supplies, or office furniture. It is also important to inquire about harmful ingredients in any of the products used by the outside cleaning agencies or maintenance companies you hire to do work in your office.

Count Every Cup

It is estimated that the average employee will use up to 500 paper cups per year. You may want to consider giving every employee in your organization a complimentary reusable mug. The reusable mug can become a part of your company’s culture of supporting environmental efforts. Department managers and leaders should set the tone by proudly utilizing their mugs every single day.

Davinci virtual office solutions commend your decision to add green strategies to your business plan in 2014. We believe a greener world is always good for business. These five tips may help you do your part to preserve our planet for many generations of entrepreneurs to come.

Right Place, Right Time in San Antonio

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san-antonio-webAs a fresh face in the world of business, you are an up-and-coming entrepreneur about to make big waves. You’ve got the business model, the concept, and the sheer will power to make a go of it. Now you’re working on location. You know one of the keys to success is being in the right place at the right time. You’ve chosen San Antonio, a shining star in Texas attracting businesses from all over the country. San Antonio is already dedicated to rolling out the welcome mat for open-minded individuals who are ready to explore their options. With the newly expanded Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio is expanding its buzz for conferences and conventions, making a meeting in this hot city a hot commodity.

San Antonio has become a rival to Dallas and Houston, topping the list put out by Milken’s Institute for one of the nation’s best performing cities. Business is bursting at the seams in this Texas locale. The healthcare industry is thriving with the University of Texas Health Science Center and San Antonio continues to welcome high tech giants such as Clear Channel Communications and Valero Energy. Small wonder you want to join in the rodeo.

If you’re just starting out or considering expansion, you may not have the capital to invest in property in this prime area. However, you can have the reputation of executive suites in this ideal location at a fraction of the price. With Davinci virtual office solutions, you have an alternative to buying into a costly lease. Enjoy the prestige that comes with an address in San Antonio, without having to rent an actual physical space. And don’t worry about any sent mail. Your mail and packages will be forwarded to the specified location of your choice. Davinci virtual office solutions give you an excellent strategy to cut your costs and still take advantage of one of the best locations for business, today.

Sunshine, Celebrities, and First Class Business in 90210

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Beverly Hills 90210“That’s where I want to be, living in Beverly Hills.” Weezer sang it, and the world agrees. Just mentioning the name summons the image of cruising down Rodeo Drive in a convertible, your hair whipping in the warm breeze and your skin radiant in the California sun. That’s the image you want your clients to see when they think of you. Your business has what it takes to make it among the stars, and now all you need is the glitz and glamor of a Beverly Hills reputation.

A Beverly Hills address is a coveted commodity. Even its primary zip code is a symbol of prominence and style. You may want to charge clients what’s expected of a 90210 address, but you don’t have to pay it yourself. Davinci can get you that coveted zip code while helping you dodge the celebrity price tag.

Davinci virtual office solutions can give you a Beverly Hills address without a physical office space. Your business cards, product packaging and website can all feature an address on a recognizable street and even in the 90210 zip code, but you don’t have to pay overhead and real estate fees. You can even let services like mail forwarding and lobby listings tie off the appearance. It’s all the prestige with none of the price.

Virtual office spaces can be especially useful for consultants, designers, and similar professionals that want the chance to work with celebrity clients but do not need a physical office for people to visit. Davinci gives you the address you need to fit in, and you can commute into the area to work with your star-studded clientele.

When you have what it takes to shoot for the stars but don’t want to spend the cash to get there, Davinci can be your ticket to the celebrity ball. With Davinci, you can be, as Weezer sang, “Rolling like a celebrity, living in Beverly Hills.”

Four Winning Strategies for Doing Business Internationally

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Winning StrategiesThe global business world is full of unspoken codes. Succeeding often comes down to speaking the right language, having the right address, and presenting your product in the right light. The rewards for entering the international market are great. The consequences of failing to appeal to the sensitivities and desires of your target demographic can be greater. Do you need tips for doing business internally? We want to share four tips for rising to the top of the global scene.

Price Your Product Using Local Currency

One of the keys to entering the international market is to erase any barriers to obtaining your product. It is advisable to sell your products using the currency of the region you intend to sell them in. The need to translate prices to local currency could frustrate or deter potential global customers.

Hire a Language Interpreter for Important Meetings

You don’t want to risk unintentionally offending your clients or customers. Every word, hand gesture, and facial expression counts during important global business meetings. A paid interpreter or coach may be the best investment you ever make. An interpreter may also review your product packaging for any details that hold negative or offensive connotations in your target market.

Utilize an Intern

Contact a local university to ask if they have any students from the nation or region you’re engaging with. Ask the university about the possibility of hosting a paid or experiential internship for a student who is familiar with the language, currency, and customs of the demographic you’re interested in winning over. The intern will be able to gain valuable experience with launching an international business effort. You will gain the benefit of collaborating with a person who has deep familiarity with the population you’re attempting to sell your product or idea to.

Maintain a Presence in the Region You’re Courting

Familiarity breeds market value. It’s important to align yourself to the values and customs of the region you’re attempting to introduce your product to. One of the best ways to earn credibility is to set up an office in the city, country, or region you’re courting. High real estate costs, taxes, and bureaucratic red tape may create insurmountable roadblocks. A virtual office may help you work around those roadblocks. A virtual location allows an entrepreneur to possess an authentic business address. The virtual address can accept and forward all correspondence. Existing corporations can treat a virtual address as a satellite office.

Today could be the day you expand your corporation or launch a global business from your sofa. Davinci virtual office solutions strives to help people with great ideas compete in the global marketplace. Our virtual solutions can help you make a real connection with a whole new population of potential customers.

Success is in the Cards in Las Vegas

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CardsThe croupier slides yet another stack of chips in your direction and deals the next hand. You can’t believe your luck today! In just a few hours you’ve more than tripled your money, and you have a feeling that this awesome streak is only just beginning. Behind you, the beeps and bells from the one-armed bandits seem to be cheering you on. It’s your first day in Las Vegas and Lady Luck is definitely flirting with you, big time.

You move to the roulette table, and it’s the same story. The chips are stacking up. You’re making even bigger bets and taking bigger payouts. You take a breather and decide to grab a snack from the casino buffet. You’re chewing on a piece of the most delicious sirloin your mouth has ever had the pleasure of experiencing when you realize that it’s time to cash out. They call it luck because that’s what it is, and luck has a way of drying up at the most inconvenient moments.

It’s a good thing that your business decisions don’t depend on luck. Your decision to use Davinci virtual office solutions to give your brand new start-up a Las Vegas address was just plain smart. Las Vegas is growing like gangbusters, and more and more businesses are locating here for its friendly business climate. Your business may be housed in your suburban garage for the time being, but it won’t be long before the trust and prestige your Las Vegas virtual office gives you will send clients your way. Your mail will be forwarded to you while you save valuable money on overhead, which you can pour back into your start-up. It’s the perfect solution: No luck required.

Making Waves in Honolulu

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surfer-webYour board on your shoulder, you wade out into the sparkling surf. You’ve been working long hours this week to get your business up and running, and you deserve to spend some face-2-face with some serious waves. You’re feeling choosy this morning and none of the waves seem right: They’re too small, or they break too soon, or they’re in the wrong place. You move down the beach a little and try again. Finally an awesome, perfect wave heads your way. You see it rising out of the water like a sea monster coming up for air. It begins to break and curl. You’re up on your board in a flash and before you know it, you’re riding the tube like a boss. Is there any place more fun and exciting than Honolulu, Hawaii?

Later, you’re relaxing on the beach and suddenly it occurs to you: In business, as in surfing, the perfect spot makes all the difference. If your company had an address in downtown Honolulu, that might be just the thing to give it the edge it needs. But, real estate is expensive in this gorgeous, sun-kissed city. Everyone wants to be here!

You lie back and stare at the sky. Of course! The solution hits you like tidal wave: Davinci! With Davinci’s virtual office solutions, you can rent a prestigious Honolulu address for a small fee, and your mail will be forwarded to you. This way, your business will own the reputation and trust a great address provides, but you won’t have to pour money into renting a physical executive suite. Instead, you can invest your time and money in research, marketing, development… and surfing.

Common Traits of the Most Successful People

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success-webYou’re ready to take the business world by the horns and make your ride last. In order to have the best chances at success, take a lesson from trailblazers who have gone before you. Before you open your own business with guns a blazing, think about common traits of the most successful people in the world for an extra bit of guidance.

Go Against the Grain

You need to make waves and depart from the norm. You’ll be taking risks and putting yourself out there, but can reap the benefits when you think outside the box. Consider following the lead of Tim Ferriss. His online business focuses on sports nutrition. Ferriss implemented the innovative concept of prepayment, and thrived because he dared to be different. No matter what idea you have for your own business, remember to set yourself apart from the competition.

Follow Your Passion While Focusing on What Makes Money

You must have passion’s fire burning deep inside. The only way you will truly succeed is if you have given your heart to your job, service, or product. However, you also need to be realistic and find a way to tap into earnings. Think about the founder of the Cirque du Soleil. Guy Laliberte finally made his concept fly by adopting a for-profit business model instead of the struggling non-profit collective model of other acrobatic shows. He followed his passion, but made sure his business could survive on the marketplace. You’ll want to achieve this balance for your own company.

Have Full Devotion

You have to believe in yourself and your concept 110%. You are your biggest fan and cheerleader. This means putting everything you have into your business and staying the course. It’s your dream and it’s up to you to make it happen. Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard was so committed to his desire to improve himself, he ran to school every morning, rain or shine, to hone his body. Needless to say, it paid off. Like a training boxer, you always have to believe in yourself and prepare for anything coming your company’s way.

Think About Location

The most successful business people in the world know the magic of an ideal location. Think of Warren Buffet and Wall Street or Donald Trump and the Las Vegas Strip. If you can’t afford to rent a space in a strategic location, consider Davinci virtual office solutions. You will be able to take advantage of a physical address to receive and forward mail, without paying for the overhead costs. Enjoy the location of your choice with the pristine reputation to boot. It’s been said that success is a race. By following some traits of fellow successful people in the industry, you’re sure to cross the finish line a champion.

Making a Splash in Minneapolis, the City of Lakes

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minneapolis-webYou’ve successfully maneuvered your growing business through the treacherous currents and eddies of today’s business world, and now you’re ready to make a splash in the City of Lakes. Bon voyage! As the Midwest’s second largest economic center after Chicago, Minneapolis is a great place to build a groundswell of interest for your company’s products and services.

Straddling the waters of the Mighty Mississippi, Minneapolis is a perfect confluence of commerce, finance, transportation, and industry. Health care companies, financial institutions, and universities make up the city’s largest employers. Powered by university research and a work force with advanced degrees, the city is a major port for technology too.

From Fortune 500 corporations like Target and U.S. Bancorp to milling and food processing companies like General Mills and Pillsbury, Minneapolis is awash in business opportunities. Before diving into the city’s economic waters, however, you’ll want to ensure your company has what it takes to stay afloat in this competitive business environment. Davinci virtual office solutions can provide you with the tools and tackle you’ll need to succeed.

Establishing a physical presence in Mill City requires extensive searches for the right location offered at the right price. While you’re exploring your options, Davinci lets you set up a virtual address in the city’s most prestigious business destinations, including high-profile buildings boasting executive suites. Any mail sent to your virtual address will be forward to any location you dictate, whether it’s your home address or your company’s headquarters. You can expand your reputation within Minneapolis without having to purchase property, sign long-term leases or pay exorbitant rents.

Davinci virtual office solutions let you channel your energies into building up your business rather than worrying about getting mired in the costs associated with operating from a physical location. You can focus on making contacts and connections with the city’s captains of industry and anchor your place in the prosperous City of Minneapolis.

Scoring Goals in the City of Saints

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montrealAspiring international moguls be on alert. Montreal isn’t all about art and hockey. The City of Saints is the place to be to put your business in the international game. You have the creativity to play with the big boys in Canada’s cultural hub, but do you have the reputation to make it? Putting Davinci virtual office solutions on your team is your ticket to scoring big.

As home to some of the biggest names in software engineering, video games and aerospace, there’s no question that Montreal is an artsy playground for the smart and the streamlined. Your business is ready to join the ranks of other creative startups that made a name for themselves in a UNESCO City of Design. Of course, an artsy reputation means premium price tags, but you’re smarter than the average super-genius. You know that Davinci can put you into Montreal’s business arena without you shelling out big cash for real estate.

Virtual office solutions take the cost out of commuting to and doing business in Montreal. With virtual offices, you rent a Montreal mailing address instead of an office. You can work from anywhere and have your mail forward to you. You can even get your business name on a lobby sign. Establish a solid presence in the city without the painful prices. The icing on the cake? You never have to waste time in long customs lines again!

You’re the master of creative business solutions, and Davinci is another tool you can use to outwit the competition and score point after point in business. Your victories will ring loud and clear in what Mark Twain called the “city of a hundred bell towers.”