Four Ways to Stay Healthy and Active When You Work from Home

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vegetables-webYou’re probably familiar with all the ways working from home can boost your creativity and productivity. Have you ever stopped to wonder if working from home is doing great things for your health? There are many temptations in your house that could put you at risk for long-term health consequences. People who work from home don’t always have access to the same wellness programs and initiatives that traditional employees enjoy. It’s important to be proactive about maintaining a healthy balance between doing good work and doing good things for your health. Here are four tips to avoid the health traps of working from home.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Eight Hours of Sleep

A healthy sleep routine is one of the most important keys to good health and mental clarity. People who work at home face a temptation to keep irregular hours. Too many late-night work sessions could cause you to suffer from burnout. It’s important to try to maintain the same hourly schedule as people who commute to an office. Accomplishing this goal may require you to set time boundaries with clients. You may also have to arrange your sleep schedule to accommodate the time zones of important clients or colleagues.

Take Brief Walks

A corporate environment is full of reasons to walk around. Workers constantly leave their desks to visit the copy machine, the mail area, the coffee pot, or colleagues. People who work at home don’t have many reasons to stretch their legs during a typical day. This can lead to long hours of sitting in the same position. Many studies have shown that spending prolonged periods of time sitting can lead to higher rates of disease and morbidity. It’s important to schedule brisk walks around your neighborhood, yard, or city block.

Keep Exercise Equipment Within Reach

You can bring some fitness to your daily routine by adding some fitness equipment to your home office. All you need are some small weights, an exercise ball, or a yoga mat. Every moment of downtime is an opportunity to burn calories and stress. You can engage in repetitions, stretches, or relaxation techniques while you wait for emails.

Take a Real Lunch Break

Employees in corporate environments are often mandated by law to take proper lunch breaks. People who work in a home office often neglect the importance of carving out time to eat a balanced meal. A lunch break is a great way to avoid the unwanted calories that come from snacking at your desk throughout the day.

Davinci virtual office solutions believes that time spent working at home can also be time spent improving your health. You don’t have to be sedentary to be successful. Our four healthy tips may help you avoid the common pitfalls of spending long hours in a home office.

Victory! Winning the Business Game in Calgary

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calgary-webYou’ve worked hard to step up your company’s game and now you’re eyeing Calgary as the best location in which to score your next business goal. Only one factor is holding you back from making a play in the Great White North: limited funds. However, savvy entrepreneurs such as yourself know there are ways to maneuver around the confines of a tight budget so you can shoot to score.

Whether you’re a former Canuck who has done business in Cowtown for years or an American looking to expand your presence in Canada, Calgary is a vibrant, thriving city bursting with financial opportunities. To make your mark on the economic scoreboard, however, you need to be ready to compete with the city’s major players, which include heavy hitters in the nation’s energy, financial, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors, as well as big shots in the tourism, retail and hospitality trades. Davinci virtual office solutions can help you level the playing field.

Calgary’s census metropolitan area (CMA) is centered on a core of skyscrapers in the downtown district. Leasing space in the crowded downtown area is challenging to say the least, not to mention exorbitantly expensive. A virtual address allows you to enjoy the benefits of an office in this exclusive neighborhood without the disadvantages of overpriced rents. Place the virtual address on your website and marketing publications, and responses from prospective clients will be forwarded to your designated location.

With Davinci virtual office solutions on your side, a tight budget needn’t thwart your game plan or cramp your style. You’ll enjoy a clear line of sight when you take your shot at Cowtown’s business opportunities, and that can score great results for you and the future of your company.

Saddle up New Business Opportunities in Phoenix

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saddle-webNow that all the hard work you’ve put into making your business successful is beginning to pay off, you’re ready to lasso new opportunities in the Wild West. As a savvy entrepreneur, you’ve picked Phoenix as the next frontier to explore. Before you ride roughshod into a new business environment, however, you’ll want to ensure that you’re equipped with everything you need to take the bull by the horns.

As the county seat and capital of Arizona, Phoenix is the state’s center of commerce, politics, and culture. The heart of the business community pulsates within the Downtown area, a district known as the Valley of the Sun. With real estate, financial services and manufacturing as the city’s leading industries, Phoenix offers you a gold mine of opportunity, but one misstep in this competitive city can send you riding off into the sunset. Davinci virtual offices let you ride high in the saddle without allowing high rents and costly overhead expenses to drag you down.

A virtual address makes it easier to claim your share of the city’s more than $200 billion GDP while you run the rodeo from another location. You can enjoy the prestige and status of an exclusive business address in any of the city’s major business districts, including Downtown, Midtown, and the Biltmore District, without having to actually pull up stakes and relocate there. Any correspondence sent to your virtual address can be forwarded to wherever you like, whether it’s to your private home in Phoenix or to your out-of-state business headquarters.

Prospects for business in the Grand Canyon State are as bright and hot as the Arizona sun, with a year-over-year job growth that continues to outshine the rest of the nation. A virtual address in Phoenix lets you fire up your brand in the prosperous city and round up your profits. When you partner with Davinci virtual office solutions, you’re sure to tame the Wild West city in cosmopolitan style.

Things the Most Successful People Do Each Morning

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running-webYou’re an A player, ready to catch the world by the tail with your business model that’s really going to blow all the rest out of the water. To make it work, you want to follow the example of other success stories. Pay attention to how the most successful people kick start their day each morning.

Be an Early Riser

That old saying, “The early bird gets the worm,” is true enough. According to studies, getting up early in the morning can truly give you an edge over the competition as you become more productive and have a better outlook for your day. Steve Reinemund, the man behind the rise of the Pepsi Cola company, starts his day with a run at five in the morning. Starbucks’ president Michelle Gass gets her run in even earlier, pounding the pavement at 4:30 a. m.

Get Focused

Start planning out your day as soon as you awake, setting your priorities straight, and motivating yourself to be your best. The late Steve Jobs would meet his reflection in the mirror at the beginning of every day. He’d evaluate his life and ask himself about what he would do if he only had that day to live. Mornings that begin with reflection or motivation is another great was to visualize success before you go out there and take charge.

Make Time for Family

There’s no doubt that a well-rounded, content individual is going to be more productive. Make sure you ground yourself with quality time with your loved ones. Obie Mackenzie, Managing director of Blackrock, commutes for nearly an hour and a half with his wife, making the most of that time spent together every morning. Jane Francisco, editor-in-chief of Chatelaine, spends an hour of cuddling time with her young son before she’s off to work. No matter which strategy works for you, remember that your mornings set the tone for the rest of your successful day.

Guest Post: Digital Focus Drives Customer Experience for Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

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LivePerson published a post on their blog about Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 – 15:01

Mathematician, painter, sculptor, architect, musician, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer, Leonardo Davinci, the epitome of the Renaissance, possessed unquenchable curiosity unbridled imagination. These ideals were foundational pillars when two business partners—Bill Grodnik, CEO, and Martin Senn, COO, came together in 2005 to form Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

As a starting point, the two determined that all business with the company—whether marketing or transactional—would happen online. Deploying a world-class website that allowed for engagement with customers spread around the globe was an important starting point.

But this was just one piece to the larger puzzle they assembled. Grodnik and Senn wanted to provide customers with a digital experience that was more than simply a repository of information and an e-commerce transaction; rather, they sought to extend digitally the human touch of its services. It was at this point that Grodnik and Senn turned to LivePerson. Monitoring traffic in real time and proactively approaching customers with offers at the right moment were critical considerations for them.

The LivePerson deployment has evolved to align with Davinci’s business. The initial deployment in 2007 delivered live chat for online sales. This was expanded in 2009 to enhance the company’s customer support strategy. A year later, LivePerson was added for live receptionist services, enabling Davinci receptionists to communicate via live chat with visitors on their customers’ websites. This unique digital engagement feature enables individual entrepreneurs or start-ups to compete at a much higher level.

Last year, Davinci upgraded to the LiveEngage platform to take advantage of its more robust functionality, including improved reporting and enrichment analysis. Davicini also added content targeting and extended LiveEngage to cover inside sales and customer service functions. And thinking outside the box, Grodnik and Senn integrated LiveEngage into Davinci’s Live Web Chat product in September, creating an enhanced revenue stream for the company.

An early adopter in the digital engagement space, Davinci has seen remarkable results—which have only grown over the years. When it comes to Davinci’s transactions, 15% are conducted via live chat, with conversion rate in excess of 26%. And the additions and refinements Davinci made to the LivePerson deployment over the past year are making a substantial difference. For example, live chat conversion rates previously hovered around 15% to 16%. Average order values have also expanded, by about 25% on the virtual office solutions side and 40% for Davinci Meeting Room.

First impressions count. Giving your business the right human touch is pivotal—often making the difference between a successful customer interaction and one that falls short either in terms of subpar customer satisfaction or a failed transaction. This is how Davinci’s customers measure their success, and how Davinci measures its success with LivePerson. So far the results are impressive. But then one would expect only such of a company with a namesake of Davinci.

For more information on how Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is using LiveEngage, check out this customer success story or listen to this Digital Engagement podcast, which contains excerpts from the conversation we had with Martin Senn.

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Making a Splash in San Francisco

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sanfrancisco-bridge-webIf “California, Here I Come,” is your mantra and you’re a go-getter with a business concept aimed to make a splash, San Francisco is the place for you. It’s time to get your feet wet and take the plunge, putting yourself out there and making your business float to the top. You’ve got the big ideas and the moxie to get it done. All you need is a location in ‘Frisco.

If you’re a start-up entrepreneur, you may not be ready to invest in a brick and mortar location in the Golden State. Luckily, you have the savvy to know there are ways to trim your budget and beef up your bank account without taking on the overhead that comes with a building lease. You want the City by the Bay, but you don’t want to pay for it. No sweat. Davinci virtual office solutions can work for you.

With a virtual office, you can have your cake and eat it too. You will be given a physical address that is smack dab in the heart of a buzzing hive of activity in the business world. Have your mail addressed to your address in San Francisco and forwarded to another location. You’ll give clients and your competition the impression that you have really moved up in the world, enjoying the reputation of a prime location without paying an astronomical price. It is a great solution when you want to be two places at once.

If you have an established business, this is the perfect opportunity to dip your toe in another location and decide if you are going to expand your reach further. When you want it all, you can have it with a virtual office. Test the waters and discover the advantages that the ideal address can give your business. Your San Francisco location could give others more confidence in you.

Profit is Knocking in Knoxville

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???????????????????????????????Opportunity is knocking in Knoxville. Will you be there to answer the door? Southern hospitality and fresh opportunities make this little slice of America a hot spot for commerce. Tennessee represents a rapidly growing region of the United States. The combination of booming residential communities and friendly tax rates have attracted a high number of transplants from the Northeast. It’s easy to see why Knoxville is the land of bluegrass music and green dollar bills. Many entrepreneurs and corporate managers have started seeking ways to tap into the potential of Knoxville.

Many movers and shakers are facing the dilemma of doing business in Dixie without having a home base in the region. Paying the cost of maintaining an office for sporadic use isn’t always a sound choice. Tying up your money in a piece of real estate could prohibit you from having money to invest in product development, marketing initiatives, or internal resources. Paying for an office you barely use could siphon precious dollars from your bottom line. It’s possible to do business in Knoxville without twisting your money into a knot. A virtual office is the perfect solution.

Did you know that it’s possible to have an address in Knoxville without owning the deed to a property? A virtual office offers many of the benefits of running a physical office in the city. A lack of physical space will shield you from the threats of high maintenance costs, taxes, and destruction by natural disasters.

How does the idea of running a Knoxville office from your cubicle or kitchen table sound? You can utilize your virtual address just like you would use a real office. Are you trying to present your business as having a regional presence in the American South? You can feature a Knoxville address on product packaging, envelopes and stationary, and email signatures. You don’t have to travel to Knoxville every time you want to collect your mail. Your mail can be seamlessly forwarded to wherever you are in the country.

The Knoxville way of doing business is wholesome, smart, and authentically American. A local address is a key part of breaking into the Knoxville scene. A Knoxville address may earn you some major credibility among local consumers and business owners. You have the option to use your Knoxville address as a satellite office or primary business address. When opportunity knocks, Davinci makes it easier to open the doors to success.

Best Ways to Juggle Parenthood When You Work from Home

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DVO_Week55_2For parents, working from home is the perfect compromise between work and family. Davinci virtual office solutions let you run a national or even international business from the comfort of your home, by having a reputable office address and having mail forward to you at home.

However, you still need to strike a balance between work and family. It’s easy to spend all of your home time mentally ‘at the office’ or neglecting work for family fun. If the balancing act is leaving you reeling, let these tips help you even the scales.

Be Realistic
Expect interruptions, even when you really can’t afford them. Kids will spill things, have to come home from school early, and plead with you to come watch their latest puppet show. If you recognize and even embrace the inevitability of interruption, it will frustrate you less.

Set Boundaries
Make your expectations clear and your kids may just surprise you. Teach them to knock even when the door is open and to always check to see if you’re on the phone before coming in. It’s also good to have a few, set hours that you aren’t available except for emergencies.

Turn Coffee Breaks into Family Time
Watch an episode of their favorite show with them, have them put on an art show or just talk. Your kid will feel special and you will be revitalized by the interaction. It will also help minimize distractions later.

Unplug on Family Outings

Once work is done for the day, let it be done. Don’t answer phone calls or e-mails while you’re out and about. It detracts from the time you get to spend together outside the home.

A healthy work-family balance is essential for all families. With Davinci making it easier than ever to work from home, you can enjoy a more intimate work environment and be closer to your family. As long as you set boundaries for both yourself and the kids, you can perfect the juggling act.

Out-of-the-Box Success in Rotterdam

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DVO_Week55_1You’re an out-of-the-box thinker. You like pushing the edge, and creating new things out of established ideas. When it comes to international business, you know you want roots in a city that understands your visions of whimsy. Rotterdam is just the city for a global foot in the door.

Ranking second only to Hong Kong, the Netherlands is considered one of the best places to do business in the world, and Rotterdam is a top city in the country. Whether you are a real go-getter on the brink of greatness with your start-up business or you have decided to broaden your horizons with your established business, consider taking advantage of this European gem. Known for its avant-garde architecture and business savvy, this is the place to be bold.

However, you may not have the financial means to actually take on a brick and mortar investment in this thriving city. If you are an entrepreneur working out of your home or small office space, someplace in the center of international business like Rotterdam could be beyond your reach. Even with an existing business, you may prefer to test the waters before you actually establish another office in a European location. If you are looking for the reputation without a major financial burden, Davinci virtual office solutions can assist your brave new adventure.

The beauty of a virtual office is the fact that you can make a good impression by using a physical address in a prime location. You can obtain a physical address that is actually located in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Rotterdam. Choose an address smack dab in the middle of the businesses in the healthcare, chemical, and marketing fields. Rotterdam calls to mind great architecture like the Witte Huis and bold cultural attractions like the Wereldmuseum. Make a splash of your own with a virtual address right in the heart of town.

Shooting for the Stars in Munich

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munich-webAs a business owner with big dreams, launching your business on the international scene is your moon shoot. Whether you’re a start-up business owner who is shooting for the stars or a savvy CEO who has already been around the block, you know you need a respected global city to make a statement. Munich is the place to be. Entrepreneurs and established, successful business owners alike recognize this German gem’s appeal, with its high standards of living, the presence of financial powerhouses, and a strategic location for international rendezvous. A stake in Germany is a message to your clients that your business is here to stay. As a European hub of activity, it’s a city filled with high expectations and excellent products. This is the exact kind of reputation you want, when you’re looking to expand your company into the international marketplace.

However, making the investment in a brick and mortar establishment in pricey Munich may not be feasible or possible for every business. This is when a creative business owner such as yourself pulls out your ace card: Davinci virtual office solutions.

When you turn to Davinci virtual office solutions, you can take advantage of all that Munich, and a European presence, has to offer without paying the price of leasing or purchasing a building. This works both if you own a larger business and want to have a point of reference in the midst of international activity or you own a the small company just getting its start in the world. It provides you with a physical address located in a prime location, providing you with a boost for your reputation. Receive and forward mail from Munich, giving a strong impression with each form of communication that travels through your virtual office.

When it isn’t possible to afford a building in this extremely expensive region or you are dabbling with the idea of expanding, you can still reap the benefits of a Munich office. Make a smart move and discover the possibilities in store by being at the right place at the right time. Your virtual address in Munich can make a strong statement, helping your business to grow in leaps and bounds.