Make a French Business Connection with Davinci Virtual Office Solutions


DVO_Week53_1You’ve made your mark in the US and you’re ready to expand to Europe. As you set your sights on France, there’s a lot more to see than the Eiffel Tower and Impressionist paintings. France holds the prestige of being the largest country in Western Europe and the European Union. The nation has been a cultural, military, and economic powerhouse since the Middle Ages. Paris is a world leader in the fashion industry and financial markets, and French companies hold strategic positions in the global insurance and banking scenes.

Yes, when you’re ready to crack into the European market, consider adding a French address to your letterheads for instant credibility among global companies and business contacts. Of course, it can seem like most properties in France have the price tag of Versailles. Owing or renting a physical location in France isn’t a practical solution for many entrepreneurs and corporations. However, France’s expensive real estate market shouldn’t deter you from making a name in Europe. Davinci virtual office solutions allow you to run an operation in France from virtually anywhere.

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Plant Your Business in the Netherlands


DVO_Week52_3Along with Hans Brinker and his silver skates, the Netherlands evokes images of tulips, canals, wooden shoes, and windmills. This storybook countryside is the setting for prominent cities, such as The Hague, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam.

As the seat of the national government, The Hague plays a role on the world stage as the host city for important organizations such as the International Court of Justice. The most populated city in the country, the capital of Amsterdam is home to the world’s oldest stock exchange and is a center of global finance. Considered the gateway to Europe, Rotterdam is the second busiest seaport in the world and a hub for the shipping industry. These global cities welcome numerous international trade shows, political gatherings, and financial meetings each year.

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Ways to Unblock Creativity Blocks


DVO_Week52_2No matter how creative you are, there are times when you will face mental blocks that disrupt your flow of ideas. During these times, it is important to find new ways to unleash your creativity. With a few shakes and rattles, you’ll be right back on track for your big ideas.

Happy Workspace

Is your workspace conducive to the creative process? Consider doing a little spring cleaning. Remove clutter and other distractions hindering your free flow of ideas. Have necessary materials on hand, such as paper, pens, markers, and reference books. Try re-decorating your space with objects that help cultivate creativity, like fun colors, plants, or inspiring images. A fun work environment helps those stuck ideas fly free.

Midnight, Dawn, 2pm

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The Long View in Bellevue


DVO_Week52_1You’ve got the right stuff and you’re ready to be a trailblazer, setting the world off kilter with big ideas. Move over Microsoft and Nintendo, because you have what it takes and you’re ready to take Bellevue by storm.

Sitting on the edge of Lake Washington, poised across from the bustling city of Seattle, Bellevue is a buzzing hive of activity, and is the place to be for an entrepreneur with savvy. You know that making it is all about timing and location. You’re ready to get your piece of the pie in the city that CNNMoney once rated as the best place in the country to launch a business. There’s only one problem. As a start-up business with a fresh, new concept, you’re on a tight budget. You need to host meetings, create presentations that will win investors over, and hobnob with the best of them, but you can’t do this in your basement or a cubby hole of an office space. Davinci meeting rooms is the solution for you.

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Making Your Mark with Billionaires in Omaha


DVO_Week51_3Say you’re a young business owner with dreams of succeeding in the business world of Omaha. It’s brutal out there, and start-ups have a tough time surviving in the first few years. You’ve read about all the business models, but realize there’s a key ingredient to make your business thrive: reputation.

Like the Oracle of Omaha himself – yes, we mean Warren Buffet – you know that it takes hard work and savvy business strategies to go from a start-up to an empire. Davinci virtual offices give you a leg up on the competition. Through Davinci, you can rent an address attached to prime executive suites in Omaha. Since you are renting the address and not the building, you receive the prestige and esteem of the location, without the heavy costs to match. Use this address on all of your official documents and website, and still receive mail when it’s forwarded from downtown Omaha to your desired location.

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How to Start a Non-Profit Organization


DVO_Week51_2Starting a non-profit organization is a great way to give back to your community. Whether it’s something big or small, you can contribute to a great cause you think needs a helping hand. Starting a non-profit organization does take a little research, however. Consider these few items on your check-list, before you’re out there pounding the pavement.

First Steps

Before you finalize your plans, it’s a good idea to do plenty of research. Is there a real need in the community you plan to serve? What kind of population will you focus on? For example, if you plan on giving scholarships, will you focus on new immigrants, older returning students, or a different group? If several other non-profits and foundations already serve that population, who is being underserved? Make sure your idea fills a need.

Legal Questions

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Beverly Hills Style on a Shoestring Budget


DVO_Week51_1You’re a fashion designer who has just created your first collection. While the clothes are great, it’s been hard getting anyone to even look at it. You’re competing against dozens of other designers to get their work noticed, and your address isn’t helping.

You might have your large workshop in Nebraska due to cheap rent, but not many in the elite fashion world will take a designer from Nebraska seriously. A fashion house based in Beverly Hills, however, is a different story. Beverly Hills is the epicenter of style and all things trendy. However, you don’t have to look at the rental prices to know lease prices in this flashy town are through the stratosphere. Your small fashion house could be wiped out in a couple of months, if you had to pay rent that high for studio space.

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Business Abounds, Down in Sactown


DVO_Week50_3Sactown is the place to be, if you want to project an ambitious image of your business. Sacramento’s proximity to tech hubs in Silicon Valley make it ideal for web-based businesses, while the large population of affluent, educated people make it a great place to start a retail establishment. Add in the warm climate and beautiful scenery, and it’s obvious why so many businesses want to start here.

Of course, all those businesses trying to get established have created a rather large problem. It’s hard to find available office space, without paying a ridiculous sum of money and agreeing to a two year (or more) lease. In fact, Sacramento has some of the highest rent prices for commercial property in the United States. Everyone wants to come here, but not everyone can afford it.

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Ready, Set, Go! How to Start Your First Start-up




Starting your own business has been a dream of yours your entire life. You’ll finally be your own boss, set your own hours, and do what you love to do. However, starting a business can be intimidating. There are so many variables and moving parts to consider, before you turn over your Closed sign for Open. To help you finally get started, consider these steps to make sure you’re ready for business.




  • Set up a specific business plan. What are your goals? What is your measure of success? What time frames are you giving yourself? You need to give yourself and your staff clear goals to reach, both for inspiration and for understanding where you stand, if you fall short.
  • When raising capital, it is a good idea to overestimate how much you will need. You want plenty of funds left over for extra supplies, like printer ink, binders, and highlighters.
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Business Thrives with Brooklyn Vibes


DVO_Week50_1If there’s one location in the US more hip, forward-thinking, and exciting than anywhere else, it’s Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn is a hotbed of creativity, fashion, and explosive growth. While just a few years ago its image was that of a working class district filled with warehouses and crumbling factories, today, a Brooklyn address means youth, upward mobility, and innovation. If you know your business would benefit from a coveted Brooklyn address but you’re not ready to take the plunge and rent a brick and mortar office, Davinci’s virtual office solutions are, in fact, great solutions.

Just across the river from Manhattan, Brooklyn is a borough of New York City made up of dozens of smaller, wildly diverse neighborhoods. In a fifteen minute walk, you can pass by traditional brownstone row houses, buy a spicy, authentic Cuban sandwich from a street vendor, hear Irish fiddle music pouring from an open tavern door, see Hasidic school children playing sidewalk games, and enjoy a latte at a brand new hipster coffee shop. It’s the perfect location for a start-up or an established business looking to reach a new, youthful demographic. A Brooklyn address will give your business a fascinating and up-to-the-minute vibe.

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