Shooting for the Stars in Munich

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munich-webAs a business owner with big dreams, launching your business on the international scene is your moon shoot. Whether you’re a start-up business owner who is shooting for the stars or a savvy CEO who has already been around the block, you know you need a respected global city to make a statement. Munich is the place to be. Entrepreneurs and established, successful business owners alike recognize this German gem’s appeal, with its high standards of living, the presence of financial powerhouses, and a strategic location for international rendezvous. A stake in Germany is a message to your clients that your business is here to stay. As a European hub of activity, it’s a city filled with high expectations and excellent products. This is the exact kind of reputation you want, when you’re looking to expand your company into the international marketplace.

However, making the investment in a brick and mortar establishment in pricey Munich may not be feasible or possible for every business. This is when a creative business owner such as yourself pulls out your ace card: Davinci virtual office solutions.

When you turn to Davinci virtual office solutions, you can take advantage of all that Munich, and a European presence, has to offer without paying the price of leasing or purchasing a building. This works both if you own a larger business and want to have a point of reference in the midst of international activity or you own a the small company just getting its start in the world. It provides you with a physical address located in a prime location, providing you with a boost for your reputation. Receive and forward mail from Munich, giving a strong impression with each form of communication that travels through your virtual office.

When it isn’t possible to afford a building in this extremely expensive region or you are dabbling with the idea of expanding, you can still reap the benefits of a Munich office. Make a smart move and discover the possibilities in store by being at the right place at the right time. Your virtual address in Munich can make a strong statement, helping your business to grow in leaps and bounds.

Four Simple Tips for Creating a Smart Home Office

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home-office-webThe home office is quickly becoming the new frontier of the business world. A designated office space is a crucial part of maintaining productivity, professionalism, and organization. A professional space can help you stay in a professional frame of mind. Are you looking for ways to optimize the space you work in? We’ve compiled a list of four tips for creating a space for success.

Proper Lighting 

Bright ideas rarely happen under dim lighting. The lighting inside your home office can actually affect your productivity and health. Picking a room with a window is a great way to get exposure to natural light while you spend hours at your desk. The natural vitamin D from sunlight will benefit your health and sleep cycle. Avoid eye strain and perpetual sleepiness if you keep your office too dark. An office without a window will need some overhead lighting, so be sure to place accent lamps in various spots around your desk to provide proper lighting for typing and reading documents.

Add Some Professional Reminders

Working from home sometimes means working in your pajamas. It can be difficult to remember that you’re a professional when you’re responding to emails inside a warm pair of bunny slippers. It’s important to fill your office with little reminders of your status as a working professional. Hang reminders of your accomplishments and credentials on your walls. You can frame any diplomas, certificates of achievement, or professional portraits you own. Being surrounded by professional reminders could provide the inspiration you need to maintain a professional attitude during virtual interactions with clients.

Bring in a Coffee Pot

Everybody who works from home understands how important it is to keep work obligations and domestic life separate. Traditional offices always have a coffee pot. Try adding your own personal coffee pot to your home office to avoid the temptation to wander into the kitchen every time you need a java fix. A trip to the kitchen could result in distractions, unhealthy snacks, and lost time. People who don’t drink coffee can substitute an electric tea kettle or bottled water.

Invest in a Good Chair

A bad back is always bad for business. You’re probably going to spend a lot of time in the chair in front of your desk. Every home office needs to have an ergonomic chair. The chair you pick could be the most important investment you make for your home office. Be sure to look for a chair with the right balance of support and resistance. Chairs with mesh backs are a popular choice in the corporate world, today. Many office supply stores also offer kneeling stools. A kneeling stool provides the opportunity to change your posture every few hours.

Your home is where you live. Your home office is where you make a living doing what you love. Davinci virtual office solutions want to help you stay caffeinated, motivated, and inspired to always do your best work in your home office. These tips may help you build a global empire without ever changing out of your pajamas.

Making Business Blossom in the Land of the Rising Sun

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rising-sun-webAs a business owner, you’ve learned to take advice from the most brilliant minds out there, including Steve Jobs. When it came to business savvy, Jobs—like yourself–knew a thing or two about staying ahead of the curve and doing business with only the best. This includes international opportunities, such as Japan. Jobs once said of Japan, “I think what they do is reinvent things…. In some cases, they understand it better than the original inventor.” His observation is right on the money. In a culture focused on streamlining and graceful etiquette, the streets are packed with innovative technology from advertisements to transportation.

Any tech company worth its salt wants a foothold in Japan. It is home to international technology behemoths, manufacturing moguls and biotech geniuses. When you are ready to take your business to Japan’s cutting edge economic stage, having an address in Tokyo will give you the presence you need to succeed.

Tokyo real estate is a rare and expensive commodity, and competition for space in premium districts is even more fierce. Business transactions in Japan are very much founded on appearances. The right location can earn you instant respect among potential clients, but once you factor in overhead and staffing, opening a Japanese office can be cost-prohibitive for most businesses. Davinci virtual office solutions open the possibility back up.

Davinci gives you a mailing address in the heart of Tokyo’s business districts, making an excellent impression on local and international clients alike. Without paying for a physical location, you enjoy a premier address, lobby directory listings, and a lobby greeter to polish your presence. Clients send mail to your address in Japan, and we forward it to you. We can also help out with live receptionists and meeting rooms when you come to conduct business.

In Japan, the appearance of a respectable business is crucial for financial success. Davinci can bring your business into the thriving heart of technological innovation without gutting your business savings. Conduct yourself with an innovator’s grace and savvy in this land of the Rising Sun.

The Height of Business in Shanghai

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DVO_Week53_3You’ve got the perfect business model and the savvy to make it work. Now, it’s simply a matter of spreading word, expanding your reach from the region to a global level. Thanks to advances in technology and the explosion of the Internet, everyone and anyone can find out about what you have to offer at the click of a button. As you take advantage of marketing techniques and seek to build a presence as a fresh, new face on the scene, consider the power of Shanghai for your business.

Forbes has ranked Shanghai at the top of the list for business in China for good reason. It’s a hotbed of activity where growth continues at an astonishing rate. When it comes to logistics, transportation, investments, innovations, purchasing productivity, and a goldmine of human resources, Shanghai is the place to be. In the midst of all these opportunities, Shanghai is a bustling city that offers people a host of attractions that are affordable. From historic sites to restaurants and shops of every variety, there’s something for everyone in this vast city. It’s no surprise that powerful corporations are making Shanghai their home base. Giving your own business a Shanghai address is one way to make an international marketing splash.

It’s ok if you’re not ready to take on a brick and mortar investment in Shanghai. You can still make your presence known in this great city with Davinci virtual office solutions. Take advantage of a physical address, poised on the brink of greatness in the thriving city of Shanghai. Use it as a mailing address, allowing yourself to build on the area’s prestige without the need for a lease or long-term commitment.

Shanghai continues to grow at dizzying heights, which is exactly what you envision for your own company. After all your hard work and insight, cracking into the Eastern market is the next step of making your business known to the world.

Habits of the Most Productive People

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???????????????????????????????You’ve got a break-out idea that will set the world on fire. You have the savvy to make a new business fly and you’re ready to roll. Before you take the plunge, follow the habits of the most productive people to be a successful entrepreneur who is here to stay.

You have to have a vision.

The old expression, “Seeing is believing,” holds true in the world of business, or in anything you aim to do in life. You need to visualize where you see yourself going and exactly what you want do. Know what you want to get out of your company and go for it!

Be organized

Get all of your ducks in a row. Make sure you have a filing system, take notes, and make good use of the latest in technology to ensure everything is in order. You need to know everything about your business, inside and out.

Don’t procrastinate

Don’t let any grass grow under your feet. If something has to be done, do it immediately. Don’t get bogged down. A good business owner doesn’t procrastinate and doesn’t sit on important decisions. As long as you have the expertise and the confidence, feel free to make those quick instinctual choices.

Set clear goals for yourself

Make a list of goals, short-term and long-term. Stick with an agenda and check off each accomplishment you have fulfilled. Keep your eye on the prize as you think about what needs to be done.

Surround yourself with good people

As you join forces with employees or network with others in the business, draw on only the best. Never be afraid to ask questions or make adjustments based on the suggestions of someone who has been around the block a time or two.

Choose the right location

Pick a place where you can work effectively and where your business will flourish. Davinci virtual office solutions provide you with a reputable address in a prominent area, allowing you to build a strong reputation for yourself at a fraction of the expense. Spare yourself a costly lease until you’re ready for something bigger and better.

The most productive business owners are always ahead of the game. Remember to stay organized, imaginative, and create the right impression of your company to compete in the big leagues. Maybe one day someone will ask you advice on how to run a productive and successful business.

Make a French Business Connection with Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

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DVO_Week53_1You’ve made your mark in the US and you’re ready to expand to Europe. As you set your sights on France, there’s a lot more to see than the Eiffel Tower and Impressionist paintings. France holds the prestige of being the largest country in Western Europe and the European Union. The nation has been a cultural, military, and economic powerhouse since the Middle Ages. Paris is a world leader in the fashion industry and financial markets, and French companies hold strategic positions in the global insurance and banking scenes.

Yes, when you’re ready to crack into the European market, consider adding a French address to your letterheads for instant credibility among global companies and business contacts. Of course, it can seem like most properties in France have the price tag of Versailles. Owing or renting a physical location in France isn’t a practical solution for many entrepreneurs and corporations. However, France’s expensive real estate market shouldn’t deter you from making a name in Europe. Davinci virtual office solutions allow you to run an operation in France from virtually anywhere.

With Davinci, enjoy the benefit of a legitimate and functioning business address without having to invest money in an actual property. You can also avoid confusing tax requirements and the cost of paying someone to oversee operations in a physical office. The flow of communication will be seamless when you utilize mail forwarding options. Clients, vendors, customers, and members of the public will still be able to correspond with you through your French office.

As a business owner, you already know that your reputation is nearly as important as your product. A French address, and the influence it brings, is one big way to set your foot in the European market.

Plant Your Business in the Netherlands

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DVO_Week52_3Along with Hans Brinker and his silver skates, the Netherlands evokes images of tulips, canals, wooden shoes, and windmills. This storybook countryside is the setting for prominent cities, such as The Hague, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam.

As the seat of the national government, The Hague plays a role on the world stage as the host city for important organizations such as the International Court of Justice. The most populated city in the country, the capital of Amsterdam is home to the world’s oldest stock exchange and is a center of global finance. Considered the gateway to Europe, Rotterdam is the second busiest seaport in the world and a hub for the shipping industry. These global cities welcome numerous international trade shows, political gatherings, and financial meetings each year.

Many international corporations, governmental, and non-governmental agencies rent space for their headquarters in the Netherlands. The 18th largest economy in the world, the Netherlands ranks 10th in per capita GDP. An address in the Netherlands presents the image that your company is ready, willing, and able to compete on this global stage.

Davinci virtual offices provide your organization with the credibility of a Netherlands address. For a low monthly fee, Davinci virtual offices provide a local address your company can use for licensing purposes and mail forwarding, as well as on your business cards and letterheads. Davinci virtual offices are ideal, cost-effective ways for start-ups or companies headquartered elsewhere to quickly establish a presence in the Netherlands, while avoiding the overhead costs associated with leasing office space. Like a tulip in spring, watch your business bloom on the world stage with an address in this coveted country.

Ways to Unblock Creativity Blocks

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DVO_Week52_2No matter how creative you are, there are times when you will face mental blocks that disrupt your flow of ideas. During these times, it is important to find new ways to unleash your creativity. With a few shakes and rattles, you’ll be right back on track for your big ideas.

Happy Workspace

Is your workspace conducive to the creative process? Consider doing a little spring cleaning. Remove clutter and other distractions hindering your free flow of ideas. Have necessary materials on hand, such as paper, pens, markers, and reference books. Try re-decorating your space with objects that help cultivate creativity, like fun colors, plants, or inspiring images. A fun work environment helps those stuck ideas fly free.

Midnight, Dawn, 2pm

Know your peak periods of creativity. Our brains do not operate at 100 percent efficiency at all times. Some people work better in the morning, others in the afternoon. Note the time when you concentrate the best and typically produce the most ideas. Set aside this time for creative thinking. You will have a better chance of stimulating creative thinking, generating ideas, and overcoming mental blocks during this time of optimum brain performance.

What Dreams are Made of

If your creative mind is really blocked, try stepping outside of the box. Literally. Go for a long walk outside or read an article or two of things not related to work. Try out mind mapping exercises, where you turn random words into creative ideas. Surrounding yourself with creative people and bouncing ideas off of them also helps.

It happens to all of us. Some days, creative ideas just get stuck. By using a few of these steps, help unblock your mind to finally enjoy those big ideas waiting to be set free.

The Long View in Bellevue

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DVO_Week52_1You’ve got the right stuff and you’re ready to be a trailblazer, setting the world off kilter with big ideas. Move over Microsoft and Nintendo, because you have what it takes and you’re ready to take Bellevue by storm.

Sitting on the edge of Lake Washington, poised across from the bustling city of Seattle, Bellevue is a buzzing hive of activity, and is the place to be for an entrepreneur with savvy. You know that making it is all about timing and location. You’re ready to get your piece of the pie in the city that CNNMoney once rated as the best place in the country to launch a business. There’s only one problem. As a start-up business with a fresh, new concept, you’re on a tight budget. You need to host meetings, create presentations that will win investors over, and hobnob with the best of them, but you can’t do this in your basement or a cubby hole of an office space. Davinci meeting rooms is the solution for you.

Figure out the time, the supplies you need, and what kind of technology is best suited for your presentations. Host in style, enjoying Bellevue’s reputation and it’s a great draw to others in the techie world. Whether you’re flying in for an afternoon, settling in for a week to get your point across, or plan on setting up shop for a few weeks or months, Davinci meeting rooms are all about convenience and fully-equipped accommodations. The only thing you need to do is show up. Everything else will be ready and waiting. Savor the sweet taste of success because it will be coming your way when you tap into all of Bellevue’s assets. There’s no need to strap yourself for cash by investing in a long-term lease when you have Davinci.

Making Your Mark with Billionaires in Omaha

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DVO_Week51_3Say you’re a young business owner with dreams of succeeding in the business world of Omaha. It’s brutal out there, and start-ups have a tough time surviving in the first few years. You’ve read about all the business models, but realize there’s a key ingredient to make your business thrive: reputation.

Like the Oracle of Omaha himself – yes, we mean Warren Buffet – you know that it takes hard work and savvy business strategies to go from a start-up to an empire. Davinci virtual offices give you a leg up on the competition. Through Davinci, you can rent an address attached to prime executive suites in Omaha. Since you are renting the address and not the building, you receive the prestige and esteem of the location, without the heavy costs to match. Use this address on all of your official documents and website, and still receive mail when it’s forwarded from downtown Omaha to your desired location.

Small businesses make up a large part of corporate America, and operating remotely with a virtual office can give you, the up-and-coming entrepreneur, clout to compete with the big guys. Omaha is a great place to launch your business, as it is home to other bigwigs like Buffett, Union Pacific, Omaha Steaks, and Bozell.

With a reputation like that, you’re bound to make your mark. As Buffet advises, follow your passion while being smart with your money. Operating remotely through Davinci virtual office solutions allow you to do just that.