Important Things Your Business Needs in 2014


DVO_Week49_2It’s 2014, and the year is ripe with possibilities, especially for business owners like you. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a cutting-edge concept, a small business owner testing the waters, or you’re established and want to expand your horizons, this is a great year to maximize your potential and really help your business grow in leaps and bounds. Now is the time to try new things and set off on the right foot.

Work on Social Networking
This is the day and age of social media. You need to get your feet wet and dive in. If you have been holding back or simply dabbling with social networks, it’s time to get in touch with the experts who can help you to promote yourself and broaden your reach through platforms that expand across the entire globe.

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Virtual Assistant Baltimore


DVO_Week49_1As an up-and-coming name in the business realm, you are ready to take the tiger by the tail. You want to make the most of every opportunity so you can be a smashing success. Whether you are actually in the city of Baltimore as a home-based business or you are located out on the West Coast, you know what a hot spot this city is. With its proximity to the political activity in Washington D.C., it’s a pinnacle for many entrepreneurs and mega corporations today. If you want to make a lasting impression and create a reputation that stands out, you have to make bold decisions to demonstrate your savvy. Utilizing Davinci virtual office solutions is one wise move.

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Office Space NYC


DVO_week48_3Carrie Bradshaw, Vincent Chase, and Seinfeld’s Kramer: New York City is home to hundreds of characters. The city inspires a certain sense of ambition, outgoingness, and memorability. If you own a business in the arts, you know it takes a lot to stick out in NYC. One creative way to garner a little more respect on the scene is to have a NYC address. You might be working out of your home in a cheaper area of New York, or even outside of the state, but appearing to have an office in the Big Apple says big things.

New York City is among the most elite and coveted destinations for business owners and creative minds to conduct business. However, the real estate in this area is high and generally unaffordable for most. One of the best ways to take advantage of a New York City business address without paying the high cost for real estate is to use Davinci virtual office solutions.

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Simple Tips to Upgrade Your Social Media Strategy


DVO_week48_2Are you looking for ways to get a little more social with your clients? Social media is clever tool to connect with your customers and clients, without the blatant marketing tones. You’ll want to engage clients, media contacts, and the general public. Now, it’s important to be smart about the way you present your brand’s image to the public using social media. Here are four ways to get friendly on the internet without looking like a fool.

Be Consistent

Don’t let your social media assets sit around collecting dust. A good social media strategy is a consistent social media strategy. You can schedule daily posts on several different social media platforms. You can plan posts ahead of time so you’re not left scrambling for interesting conversation topics. It’s important to keep an eye on topics trending on social media platforms so you can contribute to popular conversations in relevant ways. It’s a good idea to avoid posting too frequently. Online bombardments will cause followers to perceive you as a nuisance.

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Do You Want to Open Doors of Opportunity in Delaware?


DVO_week48_1Don’t be fooled by the size of Delaware. It’s no small wonder this little state packs a major punch of poise, prestige, and exclusivity. Delaware is touched by the glow of Washington, D.C. Young people want to live here. Entrepreneurs want to build their legacies here. Politicians want to plot their next moves from here. People who are in the know are all well aware of Delaware. The foundations of Delaware are firmly set upon trust and hard work. The future of Delaware is set for growth. After all, pride, patriotism, and progress are the hallmarks of this first state of union.

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Virtual Assistant Atlanta

??????????If you are an up-and-coming company, “Hotlanta” is one of the best cities to do business in. Besides being a historic Southern city, Atlanta is also a modern and diverse city with thriving businesses in travel, food, and hospitality. The high-tech world is also setting root in the area, and rivaling Atlanta mainstays like Coca Cola, Home Depot, and Delta Airlines. Atlanta is booming, and a fantastic place to relate to your business.This is the 21st century, so rather than set up shop in a brick and mortar within city limits, you can rent a piece of Georgia without any long-term contracts. Davinci virtual office solutions give you everything you need to build your reputation on your own terms.Davinci virtual offices allow you to rent an address in the heart of Atlanta. Use this address on all of your official documents and enjoy the esteem of its status. All of the mail is forwarded to your actual physical location so you don’t have to drive out to the building itself. If you have a start-up or at-home business, this is a perfect solution to gain prestige. You can also look into hiring Davinci virtual assistants. These assistants pick up your calls, schedule your appointments, and answer customer questions.

It’s not easy starting out, but Davinci can help you gain a foothold in Atlanta. You deserve a shot at competing in the big leagues. Use your new reputation to promote yourself as a business to reckon with, and a company here to stay.

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Find Your Fans within Your Industry

DVO_Week 47.2In order to succeed in any industry in the modern business landscape, you must find and cater to your specific audience. There is no worse strategy than mass marketing, as you will end up pleasing no one.Below are just a few of the ways you can find the true fans in your industry who will hold up your business with loyal patronage.

1. Become a Regular at Industry Events

The first movers and shakers you need to find will usually attend industry events – right along with the producers and manufacturers. These could be taste-makers who have blogs that review products and services within your industry or just really interested consumers with a lot of influence. Either way, you should get to know them because they are the ones who will talk about you to their social groups and the masses.

2.  Participate in Your Online Social Networks

When you set up your online social networks, you should make a real effort to participate and drive the discussion. This is more than just a thank you to your customers; this is the space to find what your customers want and promote a product they’ve been waiting for. Social media is also a great place to test out new ideas and show your company’s personality.

3. Note Who Responds to Your Promo Efforts

The people who consistently respond to your promo efforts are the ones who you want to stay in touch with. People you have to constantly run after in order to respond to a promotional unveiling are usually not worth the effort. Take the low hanging fruit because these people are the ones who are looking for products and solutions they believe your company can handle.

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Virtual Assistant Chicago

DVO_Week 47.1Moguls love Chicago. The fresh energy and boundless potential of the city make it an enduring symbol of America’s enterprising spirit. Important people in the worlds of entertainment, manufacturing, and innovation have flocked to Chicago for decades. The city is home to some of the country’s most iconic businesses and industries, and is still a beacon of the American Dream for many entrepreneurs. You don’t have to own or rent a building in Chicago in order to have access to the benefits of an address in the city. It’s now possible to run a Chicago-based business from anywhere in the world.You can enjoy the rich reputation of Chicago without paying the high cost of owning or renting an office space there. Davinci virtual offices give you the ability to possess an esteemed Chicago address for as long as you need, granting you instant credibility on the national level. Use this address for all of your official documents, as well as your business cards, and website. All of your mail will be forwarded to your actual physical location, so you won’t miss any packages or letters sent to your Chicago address.While you’re looking into virtual solutions, Davinci also offers virtual assistants. These assistants can answer your calls and help manage your day-to-day responsibilities.

Chicago is a big town with a big reputation to match. With help from Davinci, your business can become a member of the Windy City without ever having to leave your current spot.

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Office Space in Atlanta



Business in Atlanta is doing pretty peachy these days. Atlanta, with its worth compromising over 300 billion dollars, is a center for culture and finance, is the most populous and prosperous city of Georgia.

This metropolis ranks eighth on the list of national cities leading in economic growth, and contains the third-largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Needless to say, many local, national, and international companies have made a point to have an outpost in Atlanta. Three of the most prominent corporations headquartered in the area are The Coca Cola Company, Home Depot, and Delta Airlines. Regional and international transportation, as well as media and electronic technology, are the top industries of the city, although manufacturing companies also provide employment opportunities.

Don’t be intimated by the big names and growing real estate. Establishing a business presence in this ever-growing market is conveniently simple when using Davinci virtual office solutions.

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How to Make Your Business Seem Bigger with Davinci Virtual Office Solutions


DVO 46_2In the business world, image is everything. Companies want to express an impressive image to their consumers and clients to ensure trust and future profit. While some consumers like trying out new businesses, most customers generally prefer to do business with companies known to have successful track records in their fields. A company appearing to be larger in size may seem more established and reputable to these skeptical folks. Luckily, there are many ways to successfully create the image of larger company without the extra overhead costs.

One of the best ways for your small company to appear larger than life is to have multiple branch locations. The locations of these branch offices are also important in creating the impression of esteemed success. For example, a branch location in a rural Kansas town may have far less clout than a branch location in a major city like Houston, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

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