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A cluttered desk at home to represent a home-work balance.

How to Have a Desirable Work Life Balance While Running a Business

We live in a society that demands commitment to be successful, but putting in too many hours is actually detrimental to your health. Employees that work at least eleven hours a day have a higher risk of depression, cardiovascular issues, insomnia, and even early onset dementia.

It’s important to balance work and your life outside of it, not only for your sanity, but also to increase efficiency at work. But when you are the owner of a home-based business, sometimes it might seem impossible to separate your two lives when they share the same space.

With these work life balance tips, you can create a perfect balance between work and your personal life:

Dress for work

If you don’t treat your home-based business like a real workplace, then it’s not going to be a very productive space in which to work. While some business owners like to take advantage of working from home by staying in their pajamas all day, this may not be the best option for someone who wants to stay professional and efficient.

A woman who embodies the traits of successful entrepreneurs.

How to Cultivate Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

There are several things you need to start a successful business: a great business plan, the necessary funds, and of course, the right personality.

Successful entrepreneurs’ personalities vary from one to another: they don’t all derive from the same mold. Looking closely, however, you’ll see that many successful entrepreneurs share a similar set of core personality traits. Developing the core traits of successful entrepreneurs will give you a greater potential to lead a prosperous business.


The first trait shouldn’t surprise you. To effectively make sales, pitches, and proposals, an entrepreneur must be overflowing with confidence. It is rare that you will find a successful entrepreneur mired in self-doubt. They believe in themselves, their employees, and their business’s purpose, and it is made very apparent in all of their encounters. This includes a penchant for conversation, strong belief in one’s self and their business, and a natural air of trustworthiness that encourages others to engage and invest in their company.

A man in a dress shirt and tie, attempting to make a positive first impression.

5 surefire ways to make a positive first impression

It is said that most people decide whether they like you within the first seven seconds of meeting you. Unfortunately, that doesn’t give a lot of time to make a positive first impression. However, there are five things you can do to invoke a great initial reaction during those seven seconds, and continue to reinforce that positive reaction for the rest of your encounter.

Dress for success

The first thing someone may notice when meeting you for the first time is what you look like. Many people form an opinion about someone based on their appearance, and this is especially true in a business setting. Before you meet with a client or potential customer, be sure that you are well groomed and dressed for success. This will communicate that you are a highly professional individual, which is the foremost sought after trait in someone with whom others want to conduct business.

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Entrepreneurs Tips: Time Management for Business Owners

Do you know how much your time is worth? If you crunched the numbers, do you know how much money you are losing when you focus on tasks that can easily be delegated to others?

As an entrepreneur, you wear a lot of different hats, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming because it seems like you have to do everything yourself. Fortunately, there are affordable services available to business owners so that they can save time and money by doing the work they do best.

Calculate the cost of your time

Before you begin strategizing how to best manage your time, use this calculator to determine what your time is worth and how much of it is spent on administrative tasks. How many hours of productivity are lost? And what is that costing your business per month? The results can be shocking.

Several escalators to represent mobility.

An Epic Formula for Becoming a Mobile Entrepreneur

You are an entrepreneur and owner of a budding new business. You want to expand your business’s reach, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money to do it. So, what is the secret? How can you be everywhere at once on a budget?

The secret to becoming a successful mobile entrepreneur is to take advantage of the many cost effective tools available to business owners all across the world. Companies that specialize in virtual office services have many solutions designed to increase your business’s flexibility:

Virtual Receptionist Services

A crucial part of increasing your mobility as an entrepreneur is hiring staff that work off-site. While being mobile gives you the flexibility to work wherever you want, it can present a problem when you begin to expand.

To free up more of your time as well as save money, you should begin by hiring a virtual receptionist to perform tasks such as call screening/forwarding, appointment scheduling, and responding to customer service inquiry.

Learn how to get rid of 50% of business operating costs.

How to Get Rid of up to 50% of Small Business Operating Costs

It pays to cut costs and save as a small business owner. After all, what good entrepreneur doesn’t run on a tight budget? Follow these indispensable tactics to cut operating cost by up to 50% and increase profitability:

Capitalize on tax write-offs

When it comes to minimizing costs, a small business owner can save significant amounts of cash by fully understanding the difference between expenses and assets. The IRS grants businesses a certain amount of items that can be claimed as expenses as opposed to assets. Be sure you’re claiming enough to meet this allowance.

If a business is home-based and doesn’t pay for the usage of a full-time office space, portions of home mortgages, utilities, and cleaning and landscaping costs could be claimed as business expenses. For more information about this and what your business can qualify for when it comes to business expense tax write-offs, check with a qualified tax advisor or search the IRS website. Fully understanding the accounting differences between assets and expenses and how recording items as one or the other can significantly reduce business costs and boost profitability.

Several office buildings along a city street.

3 Office Solutions to Incorporate into Your 2015 Business Plan

On average, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. That’s because many of the goals people set are too unattainable—goals that are often out of reach that require more sacrifice than people have the energy to exert. As a business owner or working professional, keep that statistic in mind when setting your 2015 goals. Here are a couple of goals that everybody should set:

  • Lower overhead cost
  • Increase profitability

You can do it! With a few key business tools, these resolutions aren’t out of reach. You can quickly become a part of the few 8%.

  1. Professional business address

Securing a professional business address for a smaller company is important when going up against larger corporate competitors. When a client can see that a business exists at an actual office location, the credibility of the offered services and level of professionalism are raised.

A planning book filled with paper, signifying resolutions for the new year.

5 Business Resolutions to Set in the New Year to Grow Your Business

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just helpful for personal growth, they are helpful when trying to improve your business as well. As you begin to strategize your business plan for 2015, it is imperative that you establish achievable goals to make the next year more successful than the last.

While it is good to aim high, New Year’s resolutions—both personal and professional—must be attainable. There are many small things you can do as a business owner that yield perceptible results to ensure your business’s success throughout the year.

Here are just five simple business resolutions you can set in the new year to help grow your business:

1. Go virtual

One of the easiest ways to save money in the new year is to go virtual. This is not limited to simply moving to web-based programs like Google Drive and Dropbox. All business tasks, such as customer care, order processing, and schedule management, can be handled digitally. And with virtual office solutions, such as live virtual receptionists and virtual office spaces, you can affordably create the professional appearance of a successful corporation even if you are based in the home.

Martin Senn, Davinci Virtual COO

Industry Expert Interview with Martin Senn

There is much to be said about business leadership and the virtual office industry, and whether you own a small business, firm, or growing corporation, it is important to learn what makes a leader great. So, we interviewed Martin Senn, Co-founder and COO of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, to gain better understanding of his entrepreneurial success and the passion for his work.

Senn entered the virtual office industry in 2005 with his business partner, Bill Grodnik. Bill had spent much of his careers as a serial entrepreneur in the Office Business Center industry, during which time he collected a huge amount knowledge. Martin had a long history of involvement with an array of companies in the call center and travel reservation market segments. Add Senn’s experience serving on the industry’s association Board of Directors, and you have a unique set of tools for their venture—and it is this professional background to which they owe much of their success.

Hands at a laptop, the screen showing the top entrepreneur websites for budding business owners

The top entrepreneur websites for budding business owners

As an entrepreneur in today’s Web-based world, you have an endless reach of resources and insights to stay progressive. The only trick is, the Web is so big it’s tough to differentiate the good, reliable entrepreneur websites from the bad.

We want to share with you a list of the top entrepreneur websites—full of both tools and advice on topics such as legal, software, marketing, and more. All of these sites are focused on helping your business reach the level of successful you desire.

You might be more familiar with this site because they also publish Inc. Magazine. It provides various perspectives and extensive information for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a business.

Forbes – Small Business Strategies

The Forbes site has a section specifically dedicated to small business strategies—sharing insights from industry experts about strategies targeted for smaller businesses. They’ll keep you informed on industry trends as well as share tips for overcoming timely obstacles current small businesses face.